It screams unfinished, but they call it work in progress
Clogged crests, called contest, for tests to attest some but flog rest
Bare claw grips on the maws of the oil pressed cogs’ wrest
Call old bogs fresh after promises of fresh swamps seem hard gets

Strands of rebar stick out, planned wings debarred, rote deep scars
Leaky roof so see stars, be warned of dreams that seep the weeping leaps to sleep starved
Steep curve of learning, peep brick bars to sneak past the future wring, squeeze, carve
Gates guarding gut lined with gunny bags marked books oozing with a sheep corpse tarred

It fosters its own barter, just announce us as the on-site sponsor
Guaranteed jobs offered after the dollar conjures offshore yonder
Cement them, bolster preponderance of garnished wages via 50 sorts of cancer
When schooled, trickle down response of “potential squandered” as double entendre



I see faces dither in and out of view
I can see them plotting my murder
In between hushed tones and jubilant laughter,
I can feel the dagger gently fusing with my spine

Those beside me warn of artificial paranoia
Their rendering of the situation yields a different mirage
When forced to digress to their vision demerit,
I can see their faces unveil into my to be murderers’

Once the scenario is amply spun into distortion,
My conviction deepens inward
This festering lesion of soldering doubt,
Is just a sheath for impending dagger thrust

Features slip off their faces, grinning skulls remain
No silver tongues, only deceits resonate through teeth
Light turns to ink, petrified, facing forwards, half asleep
Hunchback hilt, blood spilt, vindicated stab in the dark


Welcome home,
To nowhere in particular
It might seem anomalous
But everything is exactly as it was

Don’t look at the upside down pylon,
With its head buried in shame
We would offer the same,
If it actually were upside down

The abrupt foundation of the road,
Which leads to a perpendicular interminable horizon
Wait, I mean, which leads to your erstwhile homestead
Now stop with the daft questions and embark!

The immaculate sign invites you
Ah fuck it, the rain has washed the wet paint
Let’s both go and revivify,
To pull same scheme on the next fool exiled

Give and take

I’m sorry officer, I left my dome protector home
I am simulating shame inside my brain, I will atone
But first, I’ll do 60 on roundabout and rotate digits on phone
It’s urgent, considering risks emergent, no deterrence by crossbones
Please blow whistle, split wrist assisted fissile, each to their own zone
Seethe till its fever pitch, breathe fire into sewer pit, visible mouth foam
Road rage on roadways, low wage old age, elapsing time on loan
Write me a well calligraphed epitaph, let’s rule the situation overblown


Nature abhors vacuum powered jackhammers
Earth stammers loose to give way to a land of bilk and glamour
Which ore wore it best to clog pores of ground water left?
Large bore diggers, dollar to sales figures, de rigueur derelict

But that’s beside the point, make a sign on the dot joined line
Today it looks downtrodden, but tomorrow its godowns of cotton
Or maybe a seller’s marketplace, laced with po-faced cash take
Move past stakes to slake the iconoclast’s apostate bond break

If you build it, they will come, flog extinct animal skin vintage drum
Conundrum of income tainted by bunkum makes it all come undone
Same worker who lay bricks threads high fashion he never wore for the store
Supply exceeds demand, no more vacuum sealed clothes left for nature to abhor