The whole universe is a block, soon to be mined in its entirety
Moving dirt around the clock, boon to be assigned to society
Ethics skirt around the mock, festoon aligned around cash propriety
Trucks lurch around the rocks, immune to the binds of sobriety

Shoot down trees to deadwood, roll out animals to roadkill
Scoot down pleas to red soot, dole and fan insults to those skilled
Compress deals to said group, sold and annul to whomever owed will
Regress the seals to wed mood, bold mechanical means to erode hill

The machines will churn out a revolution, please dodge the pickets of progress
First burn out cradles of O₂ pollution, then build ski lodge where the thicket of logs rest
Damn, turns out fables of fiscal restitution don’t ease off return tickets of forests
Yearn for water tables singed by bitumen, seize off and pivot when new coal block is pressed


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