New pearlescent coat for arms, anger convalescent, no harm no qualms
Warning shots from pissed in arms filled with warming flammable grams of lard
Untested on lab rats, resistant to pharm, swarming roves of bombs, ring the alarms
Concoct escapes, come maim or mar, even if fake choice is exposed stump bone spar

Sew stitches with scissors, spew their blood from fissures, tear flesh with incisors
Incisive, indecisive, men’s lives with mice’s, can’t let chance and dices left to their devices
Priceless! They cry “crisis” when atomic cake slices mask faces of rivals for nominal prices
Foes wish lysis, so undo your slight grips from hoses of bullshit and light wicks on carcass

Meant to embalm me, stench shouldn’t calm me, vow to end who intended to harm me
Clutch the plastic calmly, nukes make the bombs flee, deterrence suggested strongly
Barb their last plea, though offered long fees, project their claims dodgy, soil from dead bodies
Lastly, if they’re remembered too fondly, retain brain gibs dismembered, glibly saying Godspeed

My nuclear couch, steady steed for which I vouch, revenge will upend who made kickstand slouch
Ruler of rotten wrought iron, wrath will lay rot via chemical water baths in devout droughts
Sprouts will fruit poison, coy will be avoidance, bountiful harvest to watertight mouths
Anointed in bouts, the remaining louts will be given something to chew on and think about

No new wars fought, lead by example, rebar rot, bled by the ampule
So few tars blot, head-scythe-handle, scars naught, one is bound to be the vandal
Sticks, stones weather calcium, last clash pits halcyon champions in vats of acid and told to paddle
Broken skin sticks to bloodied bones, stomach acid shapes trophy throne as manhunt is cancelled


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