Pearls before

Long ask, bandit mask, sticks scar from whacks, watch crime on timelapse
How long will elapse, before you relapse, release traps, plant and seize packs
The grease from beast fat, released on crease slacks, while we piece your kneecaps
Their knees slap, with laughter they flee acts, extend more than reach grasps, beat cash grabs

Stats on laws broken ready, I’ll prove you lost already, more justified than beheadings
Waterboard trickle down is steady, all drones in heaven friendly, other sector’s envy
Guns needn’t hide in teddies, forces termed not deadly, exit and entry with a semi
Firefight will signal plenty, here come the landed gentry, subsequent fires friendly

Form a line formally to reform into moral beings that fall into the spine point of syringe
The wringed necks while they sing singe as they think reforms will be harbinger of things
Polished badges, bells can’t unring, body camera stings binged, looming inspector of the fringe
Put pearls before swine, watch them clinch by the inch, wait to grow wings before flinch


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