Knowing you

Holy fuck!
Has it really been that long?
Gosh, why o why didn’t this happen before?
Though I only vaguely remember your whole… thing
This meeting should have happened clock ticks ago!
You look great, how did you manage to live?
I’m jealous actually, why are you in front of me
Look at those stylish cobwebs
And the fact that you no longer talk back to me
Those unemotional vowels and consonants rubbed into disagreements
Boy, I sure am glad you left those behind
How’ve you been friend?
I’m going to keep addressing the you I remember
The version from far ago
That I hate the more I sharpen it on the whetstone of memory
But it is still good that this coincidence happened
And that I remembered the form without the content
Because anything else
Would have felt like reaching


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