Masticating razors

Fill in the margins of intentions
With bilirubinous sunsets
That look awe-inspiring from distances
But the closer you get
Barbs materialize within your being
The more you move
The more you prove everybody’s point
The one that you don’t “get” apparently
So yet, you rush to struggle to explain
While all else look at the reddening sky


Knowing you

Holy fuck!
Has it really been that long?
Gosh, why o why didn’t this happen before?
Though I only vaguely remember your whole… thing
This meeting should have happened clock ticks ago!
You look great, how did you manage to live?
I’m jealous actually, why are you in front of me
Look at those stylish cobwebs
And the fact that you no longer talk back to me
Those unemotional vowels and consonants rubbed into disagreements
Boy, I sure am glad you left those behind
How’ve you been friend?
I’m going to keep addressing the you I remember
The version from far ago
That I hate the more I sharpen it on the whetstone of memory
But it is still good that this coincidence happened
And that I remembered the form without the content
Because anything else
Would have felt like reaching

Another pile

The homes you give me, incomes dispose dispositions positively
Dead pixels show coal, barrels roll to shift trash swiftly
From one container to another, find a way for plastic to smother
Dive in two bedroom dumpster, those who produce it seldom suffer
Biodegradable? Mobile dirigible heading where high hopes incapable
Regard self irreplaceable, no water potable, blame generational
Oil spill on pacific trash heap, upkeep cost should finance cheap
Fund for more flash sweeps, step up the cash steeps, above smog-ash-acid leap
Effects outlast line of product, compost composite pleather wallet

New coat

Proposition shitty, bits prospector got to spit on those who live in city
Bugle of progress, watchdogs sniff bomb threats, legalize sale of kidneys
Panopticon with new conventions, sang all the songs with no intention, duplicitous ditty
No skin off your back, my kin stock all slack, filial fealty subcommittee
New peel off face mask, spew reels of taped grafts, deforested austerity


Among well lit planes
Scared by approaching dark
Even the outline of a fruit
Possesses some sinister sense
The glowing orbs are harmless
Yeah, keep telling yourself that
As the tendrils tenderly approach,
to give your existence a massage
The streaking blur of light
A play of light in ink
Right, I absolutely believe you
Maybe that’s why the bike wont start?
Fungus on buildings dim the whitewash
The dark fore is scared as well
Whatever you do, don’t look back
Lest you want to be a shadow too


Dream logic, pedigree pedagogic, gouge eyes and wallet as you saw fit
Talk shop or sod it, it will cost to get you store fit, you’re free to forfeit
bank notes or floated votes promising bearer profit regardless who lose endorsements
Chart the course and cross it, aftermarket MOSFETs make up for losses
Yaws tilt, unhinge jaw to scarf shit that boss will garnish, sauce piss
Hear it near death, lost will, hissing abyssal dismissal of lost business
Amid stress to receive less, grow more listless, believe that it is best
Slashed prices & tires, grist wrists whats deemed apt, if its more than he nets