Synthetic tract

The look back from lids locked heavy
Skid stop slack before won player ready
Sweaty blood loop spins
Enthused with age old scooped refuse bins
Skins excuse humans
Just another way to infuse
glued viewers to tubes with more lumens
Exhume threads sewn
Suture seams, expect growth
By the throat, promise final episode
Last remembering member croaks,
with new shoots on terminating node


Shrink wrap choke

Who is selling what today?
Footsteps that trample shoemakers
Claim to be late for doomsday clock resets
Kept in total vacuum, under glass jars

The bulletproof transparency
Upon which I project The Strongman
In fear for my life
Seeing you live yours in blissful aplomb

Self regenerating figures
A new vessel for fortification of fragility
Sprocket rot under regurgitated acidified air
Time stretched mortality for the undying at faustian discounts

Marble tributes untouched by beneficiaries
Footstep trample inherited shoeboxes
I think it is time to open a truce
For a lease to a bridge that you will build


Lay dormant, the angular door frame with plasma crystal witchcraft displays
No assembly required, assuming ready-made status to begin with
Done is same to well begun to wink-nod blind watchmaker perfectionist
Can’t let you in just yet, though it is one with the universe
Because once you are let in, the illusion crumbles to sand
I can’t have that until draft contracts to sell to off world ocean shores
So until then just take in the genius design, perfect hermetic self cannibalization
Every atom re-construed, destroyed and recreated to your particular meaning
Until the credits or the world is consumed, whichever comes first
But before that happens, just drink in the tar through your PVC trachea
Eyes paved black, supine, last glimpse of lost plot, congrats you own property now

Charcandy rash

The sickness is within you, pick mess behest your sins do
It is true, you must best more than few beasts that sting you
Let dry heat drops wring you of grins from skin glue that flu inklings drew
What does that bring you? Salmonella pink brew, the shit from it grew
Ozone igloo, stem brain signal, mouthful meningeal bin stew

I am within the sickness, skin deep vantablack lipsticked pig mess
Sebaceous tears expulsion, benzene sweat emulsions, when mixed fluoresce
Skin liquid crystals titers, viral loads get lighter, mists possess
What do I bring us? Foxholes with lost crew, brain-heart shampoo, exist depressed
Sunscreen tumour balm, bloodletting via blood brain barrier, your mass grave snake-pit largesse


Lets bend the metal into balloon animals
A place for you and yours to play
Artisanal pottery wheels with fast setting cement
Marble squares incarcerate plants with polythene leaves
A living testament to durability
Part of the proceed go up in toxic fumes
With the most ethically sourced ingredients
And uh, an anthropomorphic snapchat account maybe?
Ah fuck it, raze it down and build a data center