Intoxicated by congenital imperialist money bonds
Built his own railroad to get here
Every time someone says the words “safety” or “union”
A litre of coal tar will be burnt in protest

Vox populi talks in hyper loopholes
Finds purchase in contemporary time capsules
If the voice of reason is ever tested
Launch the colour yellow into orbit

These words are clearly defamation
Hold dense cells of charges
Have fun digging a tunnel out of prison
Cease and desist

Hold on, back this truck up clandestine
No longer allowed to shit on company time
Arms extend to gift the means to catch things on fire
Like the settler social media rocket


Zone of inhibition

All I dream of, a house in the middle of nowhere
Away from all the hustle and bustle of existing
Flavour blasted with exotic radiation from the cosmos
With no other soul around to shoulder the burden
Just a single cable solution for all creature comforts
An invisible electrified fence at a comfortable radius
Nothing unseemly or gauche as a “wall” or “border”
Just a humane way to create a crop circle of pavement
Where nobody is allowed entry, barring what they create
Eco-friendly, sustainable glass house impenetrable by stone
It is all I dream of, the protagonist of my upscale island
The safe touch of the electric dome with lowered amperage
Faces peering at me through the opaque copper sky asperitas
Their features repeat xeroxed memories with compounding glitches
Electric rope lashes, static video screen commandments
Tyre tracks recalled as those on the surface of mars
Sped-up flickering colour ridden shapes undulate into each other
Until it is no longer shapes, but just movement itself
Waving hands at the edge of electric dome to nothing at all
To the dream which no longer can be caught into nebulousness


Stacked bags can stop rounds, invert invasion of prying eyes
Infrastructure starts in hell unseen, promise high rise franchise

Trees whittled to stakes, the backache yet from their mouth grab & have cake
Swimming pools of planned lakes, thirst slakes via straw the camels back breaks

Walls with no doors, inner contents only to be reported with eyes closed
Pneumatic drill with polluted air vacuum, parts per million flows dead dinosaur

Dots connect around the neck, breakneck progress to make geological conquests
Bond debts, pay to resolve tests, inform them of performance enhanced with war chests


Lets bend the metal into balloon animals
A place for you and yours to play
Artisanal pottery wheels with fast setting cement
Marble squares incarcerate plants with polythene leaves
A living testament to durability
Part of the proceed go up in toxic fumes
With the most ethically sourced ingredients
And uh, an anthropomorphic snapchat account maybe?
Ah fuck it, raze it down and build a data center


Only the best for our future
No expenses will be spared
Uniform turns into a suture
Into the coffin plaque please stare

Wood from pencil, new support beams
Don’t mind square holes milled round
The walls with arrows skyward aiming
Stuck in position deep underground

Breach walls of fortress willfully
The wardens promise freedom in due course
They call you deadwood refusing kindling
Merely fit for lining your own corpse


Nature abhors vacuum powered jackhammers
Earth stammers loose to give way to a land of bilk and glamour
Which ore wore it best to clog pores of ground water left?
Large bore diggers, dollar to sales figures, de rigueur derelict

But that’s beside the point, make a sign on the dot joined line
Today it looks downtrodden, but tomorrow its godowns of cotton
Or maybe a seller’s marketplace, laced with po-faced cash take
Move past stakes to slake the iconoclast’s apostate bond break

If you build it, they will come, flog extinct animal skin vintage drum
Conundrum of income tainted by bunkum makes it all come undone
Same worker who lay bricks threads high fashion he never wore for the store
Supply exceeds demand, no more vacuum sealed clothes left for nature to abhor