Masticating razors

Fill in the margins of intentions
With bilirubinous sunsets
That look awe-inspiring from distances
But the closer you get
Barbs materialize within your being
The more you move
The more you prove everybody’s point
The one that you don’t “get” apparently
So yet, you rush to struggle to explain
While all else look at the reddening sky

Particle bombed skeleton

I am a changed person, disbursed of purse concerns and content with the wind change of the coal burn
Taciturn are the returns which hold history’s urn entombed in earth deferred
No matter who the king is, sing praises of waists deep in red glazed blazes
The clay apex traipsed tasteless to cater basal waste whim as the red tape laces
Inside boundary, crowns design wound wounds from downed runes to ultrasound fumes
Scab injury grounds to resign or a sign of profound rue, instead unbound accrual
Frankenstein’s man cave, the hand that fanned graves teleconferences conclaves
Conch raves, a body of stark arches and horse trains, a last grenade reinforced upgrade


I see faces dither in and out of view
I can see them plotting my murder
In between hushed tones and jubilant laughter,
I can feel the dagger gently fusing with my spine

Those beside me warn of artificial paranoia
Their rendering of the situation yields a different mirage
When forced to digress to their vision demerit,
I can see their faces unveil into my to be murderers’

Once the scenario is amply spun into distortion,
My conviction deepens inward
This festering lesion of soldering doubt,
Is just a sheath for impending dagger thrust

Features slip off their faces, grinning skulls remain
No silver tongues, only deceits resonate through teeth
Light turns to ink, petrified, facing forwards, half asleep
Hunchback hilt, blood spilt, vindicated stab in the dark