Stochastic risk

We are going to add up
All possible ratios
Of all absorbed doses
Through all parts of your body
Inside and out
To create opaque plastics
Dripping with soft grip materials
In all colours of the black rainbow
With only a button
To be allowed the privilege of purchase
A new geiger counter
To replace the one which still works
Licensed only for home and office use
An essential part
Of an executor’s lifestyle
For sale now
Only 5 MegaSievert credits!
Pre-order yours today



Crack team of blockhead automatons with batons to crack back heads
While we all “survive” being the last et al hiding in closed brackets

Possibility space vice grip trash compactor, those with no fault go “oh lord, silly me!”
Filigree of bigotry aesthetically, structurally, experts will agree was as it was meant to be

Choir says I’m preachy, why rattle through imaginary battles when for us things remain peachy really
So I breach the forgone conclusion reached and beseech the preachers to simplify the denominator, me


Passed off as litany, the printed mint rinsed off to syncope
A symphony unto sinkholes, some shit decreed as jpegs of “it me”
Punishment for crimes that befit me, objects as people as distinct entities
It doesn’t matter for any thing to cede, all matter fused into single being

Alienation is highly relatable, gotta say, uncanny resemblance unmistakable
Initiate a data cull, start with baseline of how relatable it is to inflate a skull
Null hypothesis sliding scalable, capitalism so late that freights of schemes form spates so erasable
You and I, forever unbreakable, pliant, placated, down this tapered hole until we learn to play our role

Procedurally generated crocodile tears

A new cop TV show
In a harsh desolate
landscape made entirely
of cop shows
Our main character
Artifice Shrapnel
Is a sapient gun
Making hard choices
Such as:
which person to kill more,
what’s the respectable
dosage of lust
toward nation,
feeling vindictive remorse
via temporary
sadfeel© neuron tattoos
only when
another guncop dies,
and so on
And so on

Calcine chic

The only utopia we have allowed my brain
Is where cops can’t afford a gun for hire
Is the tar pus hardened discorporate lung factory
Yet particulate matter suspends the need for softboxes

The only dystopia we have allowed my brain
Is where you can’t wear laminated plague coat in acid rain
Is the cruel garrotted axiom of product labels as childhoods
Yet at least all potable water is carbonated now

The only future we have allowed our brain
Is where septic earth shoots up new acceptable limits to sepsis
Is the current extrapolated to deep earth recesses bedridden
Yet at least we all built in accord

Remorse’s buyer

You must break it before you buy it
What good’s remorse to a “buy the lot” psychic
A side gig, drone camera selfies from swarms the skies are rife with
The exact right fit, know you better as person than any person who tried it
So rifle the box expedited, with head to rifle,
lie you like it, make sure nobody thinks you tried shit
It’s a miracle! Just what you wanted! As the reign tightens
Whiplash cashback stashed in a bank’s ass
A new drone steering wheel to control excitement
New governors to traffic the license with no return policy on siphons
Dry spends, no stipends, likened to hand sleightning
You must break it and buy it
Purchase or else take what fate spells: beyond the grave retirement