Declassified semiosis

We can all now know
Why the:
colour remaining distinct under all colour rendering index conditions,
matte finish,
surge of electric excitement when touching it,
All make me want to eat
a bag of manure
which looks good on the outside

And now
i’m allowed this deciphered divination
To own the means to sell myself
In the exact same form I was sold


Shrink wrap choke

Who is selling what today?
Footsteps that trample shoemakers
Claim to be late for doomsday clock resets
Kept in total vacuum, under glass jars

The bulletproof transparency
Upon which I project The Strongman
In fear for my life
Seeing you live yours in blissful aplomb

Self regenerating figures
A new vessel for fortification of fragility
Sprocket rot under regurgitated acidified air
Time stretched mortality for the undying at faustian discounts

Marble tributes untouched by beneficiaries
Footstep trample inherited shoeboxes
I think it is time to open a truce
For a lease to a bridge that you will build