The 10^65th annual orbital witness show

We have to
Be brave
So that they can watch us
Being brave
The last remaining culture
On a petri plate of shit
Singing and dancing
A trade for diamond rains
Which paint brains
In pantone swatch radioactivity
For the observer
To maybe catch a glimpse this year
On the great x-ray plate in the fabled sky
Through the thick concrete clouds
With no ozone holes
Crop circles through steel bordered nations
Filled with ayurvedic uranium
All of this
For your consideration


Synthetic tract

The look back from lids locked heavy
Skid stop slack before won player ready
Sweaty blood loop spins
Enthused with age old scooped refuse bins
Skins excuse humans
Just another way to infuse
glued viewers to tubes with more lumens
Exhume threads sewn
Suture seams, expect growth
By the throat, promise final episode
Last remembering member croaks,
with new shoots on terminating node

Deferred render

For honour resides in wireframes
In fever visions of intense colour
In producing energy from refuse
For production of more refuse for energy
A diagram of a hand upon another
Shale rocks slamming slick from grease
Palms reflect red on black
My hands take responsibility
For the air that is touched by them
And the cascades of molecules tainted
In service of a more comfortable impalement
In want for more labour to cushion the fall
Luxury impaling the earth into skeleton mountains
Blood oaths on pedal pushed wheels
When the foot pushing is never mine
Yet what I see is the wireframe
Where inklings of promise makes death a statistic
And all I want is the wireframe