Staggered obituary

Global aquifer turned into local mall water fountain
Cracked open like eggs of nuclear waste from nevada mountains
What’s the signature? Natural pigments of spoilt lignin and ligature
Stuffed back into doll fabric with gall to call self the king of whatever we build cities for

Read what is written in wide words
Never question intentions, give benefit of belief suspension to divine slurs
Spoken word made material, no one knows what this exercise will be achieving here
Comedian in morose obsidian medium wondering why the laughs aren’t more immediate

Here lies the poet
Writing to low rent loaned ego which owes debts
Began as excuse to prove
its possible to write in a regular groove
for those who want to be confused by the espoused views
Ends back at the loop with objectives torn loose, dead, of no use, no more juice, abruptly concludes


Complicit catharsis

How original
All of us, looking up
At the same cathode ray tube
In the sky
Watching the same things
In shame, alone, distinct
Awaiting the devastating absolution
Of finding someone else
Who celebrates the same memory of fiction
But doesn’t carry the same guilt
Of having liked it once
The string of distancing time
With leather heave rasp
Ready to snap in backlash

Generally regarded as safe

We can say with some degree of certainty
That our proprietary composite
Of milked venom and combed honey
Created in theory using computational models
Simulated only in nuclear reactor failure environments
Featured in artist renderings of congealed clot custards
Is now edible enough
To obviate all other “food”
You’re welcome

Declassified semiosis

We can all now know
Why the:
colour remaining distinct under all colour rendering index conditions,
matte finish,
surge of electric excitement when touching it,
All make me want to eat
a bag of manure
which looks good on the outside

And now
i’m allowed this deciphered divination
To own the means to sell myself
In the exact same form I was sold


Post pollution, the only coast left after eluent dropped from solution
Its crucial to help things on their way to reactionary conclusion
Amidst confusion from those who clue in
the rook who keeps the firing pin just glued in
Hope its worth the confusion to birth this illusion
through earth struck with fusion and water with diffused tin
This ones a shoo-in, always has been since beginning after and during
Enfant terrible corps newly on tour high on rads they’re storing
New shells bore like seeds birthing burst fire to parents adoring
Glow glares souls in, all cells start forking to voids they can morph in
Coup crux plan, annexthetize, call it homeland and just waltz in

Calcine chic

The only utopia we have allowed my brain
Is where cops can’t afford a gun for hire
Is the tar pus hardened discorporate lung factory
Yet particulate matter suspends the need for softboxes

The only dystopia we have allowed my brain
Is where you can’t wear laminated plague coat in acid rain
Is the cruel garrotted axiom of product labels as childhoods
Yet at least all potable water is carbonated now

The only future we have allowed our brain
Is where septic earth shoots up new acceptable limits to sepsis
Is the current extrapolated to deep earth recesses bedridden
Yet at least we all built in accord