Intoxicated by congenital imperialist money bonds
Built his own railroad to get here
Every time someone says the words “safety” or “union”
A litre of coal tar will be burnt in protest

Vox populi talks in hyper loopholes
Finds purchase in contemporary time capsules
If the voice of reason is ever tested
Launch the colour yellow into orbit

These words are clearly defamation
Hold dense cells of charges
Have fun digging a tunnel out of prison
Cease and desist

Hold on, back this truck up clandestine
No longer allowed to shit on company time
Arms extend to gift the means to catch things on fire
Like the settler social media rocket


Your turn to suffer

Temper your foretaste
While you now enjoy more paste on plates which store waste
Ignore labels and signs, especially best before date
All purported benefits scored, accorded, theoretical, lore based
Stores cased, canvassed, well spaced, with sliding scale rates
All good though since its across states
whose incarcerate gates, domes, blockades, keep out the appellate

Siphon the trenches
The war sludge foams unattended
Whichever boot you choose to smooch will be duly scented
I did it, I meant it, around it my world is oriented
When formality suspended, I’m still offended at the lack of pretending
Step on structures deconstructed, overextend to project myth ascendant,
new coat with pendant penned in, deadened penchant to huff exhaust from engines

Stop your opposition
Same old sob story which only envisions elysian fiction
Only point of existence: to worsen the quickness of permissible sickness
Risen chests drink fumes of acid boiled thalidomide mulch soil shit mix
α rays ingested, flesh liquid, better for us to live with, follow regiment with strictness
Take your shots, hit the point, miss it, lives unto business,
pin pricks to verify vendors to exchange IV drips with