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Gibberish titles, unintelligible no easy understanding deliver wish
All words describe, vie for, brain infestation of silverfish
Every thought created, hardened hard transsubstantiated blister stiff
A patchwork of spacey bullshit, paced loose, neither bliss nor wit

Objects oriented scattershot, fabricated in orders which matter not
Desire of author’s spot, a crackpot crock of shit, just make sure platters hot
Enough head pets or patter of hands on grey matter drop to couch claims to let flatter not
Yet all things being same, the pen drips on frame, the gambler’s plot

This one is underground too, as deep shit needs to be buried
What I mean is blurry, blurted with no schemes, gust hurried
Scooped stream of stool soup slurry, slurred with extreme routine occurrance
Concerning, while world burning, the shit I am serving, deathly certain



Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill
Picture me, wet tip quill, crying over ink spilt
Split the bill, writer unskilled, still pages to fill
Bank notes nil, wilted will, drafts from own images shill

The outlines are stenciled, drop your pencils
Sense ill, no dose of penicillin gentle
Sentences pretend to bend into themes central
Potential mental, perceived expertise purely coincidental