Bespoke fabrication

Stoop so low it’d make your head dirt
Face palms or for tread worse, hearse
Occult curses, recursive structures curt
Cultured furtive inserts of spur hurts

Bow so hard it’d make your spine clump
Head bumps or dumped hair bunched on eardrum
Hear some, pump turns of strung strums to visible spectrum
Speck crumbs hum, become one, burn, dump, bulk angstroms

Reach so high it’d make all things the same as each other
Gluons decay, stutter so all that’s solid melts into smoky butter
Turn into your father, mother, fraternity of oath fuckers, a sucker for suffer
Buffer of stuffed matter unstucker, flutter of luck, muck flatterer, skin slurry shit stirrer


Canned response

The tired hand retires in trained poses produced entire down to the wire
All actions in service of, pacts, 6 packs, shelving racks, pavlovian thirst desire
Best lathed plans fanned belaboured while brand chelators demand agitators on fire
Lizard brain scan fissures plane grade canister of fizzy pressure of mortal choir

Make art of genies if you bottle them, cakewalk, meanies’ necks throttle on bubbles while we call it phlegm
Neck deep in sugar debt, weeping makes the pushers thirst for formulae to new cigarette stems
Blackening gullet gulp slackening lung gut shortcut to the above sea hunchback bends
First step to amends annihilation, thirst abet ooze lends an aisle silo dilation that rends what it condemns


Build the world with a few spare tunnels
Milled, sheared to bear eddies of credit funneled
Secrete concrete on streets, dung jets heartbeat
Flogged trees, sorry, too late now to stop bleeds
Metal shutters strut together, cut ribbon to gutters
Cylinders to fill in dirt, burial fit for fuckers
Ration the poison, foist upon those remaining buoyant
Now that its scientific, flush it down the toilet