Lip laminate

Its legal to erect
New barriers
Walls painted door like
Fooling wily coyotes
A dome made of HEPA filters
Mummified nations
Living embalmed
Bleach pot exfoliates
Huddled under leaching mylar veneers
Peptide enamel veils gnarl against each other
Physical contact is safe again
I can kiss laminated pictures of dictators again
The cloaks are an alibi


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Gibberish titles, unintelligible no easy understanding deliver wish
All words describe, vie for, brain infestation of silverfish
Every thought created, hardened hard transsubstantiated blister stiff
A patchwork of spacey bullshit, paced loose, neither bliss nor wit

Objects oriented scattershot, fabricated in orders which matter not
Desire of author’s spot, a crackpot crock of shit, just make sure platters hot
Enough head pets or patter of hands on grey matter drop to couch claims to let flatter not
Yet all things being same, the pen drips on frame, the gambler’s plot

This one is underground too, as deep shit needs to be buried
What I mean is blurry, blurted with no schemes, gust hurried
Scooped stream of stool soup slurry, slurred with extreme routine occurrance
Concerning, while world burning, the shit I am serving, deathly certain


Lay dormant, the angular door frame with plasma crystal witchcraft displays
No assembly required, assuming ready-made status to begin with
Done is same to well begun to wink-nod blind watchmaker perfectionist
Can’t let you in just yet, though it is one with the universe
Because once you are let in, the illusion crumbles to sand
I can’t have that until draft contracts to sell to off world ocean shores
So until then just take in the genius design, perfect hermetic self cannibalization
Every atom re-construed, destroyed and recreated to your particular meaning
Until the credits or the world is consumed, whichever comes first
But before that happens, just drink in the tar through your PVC trachea
Eyes paved black, supine, last glimpse of lost plot, congrats you own property now