Intoxicated by congenital imperialist money bonds
Built his own railroad to get here
Every time someone says the words “safety” or “union”
A litre of coal tar will be burnt in protest

Vox populi talks in hyper loopholes
Finds purchase in contemporary time capsules
If the voice of reason is ever tested
Launch the colour yellow into orbit

These words are clearly defamation
Hold dense cells of charges
Have fun digging a tunnel out of prison
Cease and desist

Hold on, back this truck up clandestine
No longer allowed to shit on company time
Arms extend to gift the means to catch things on fire
Like the settler social media rocket


Passed off as litany, the printed mint rinsed off to syncope
A symphony unto sinkholes, some shit decreed as jpegs of “it me”
Punishment for crimes that befit me, objects as people as distinct entities
It doesn’t matter for any thing to cede, all matter fused into single being

Alienation is highly relatable, gotta say, uncanny resemblance unmistakable
Initiate a data cull, start with baseline of how relatable it is to inflate a skull
Null hypothesis sliding scalable, capitalism so late that freights of schemes form spates so erasable
You and I, forever unbreakable, pliant, placated, down this tapered hole until we learn to play our role

Markov chain divination

An entirely new you
Pieced together from salvage
Hormone mimicking petroleum products
Synthetic skull slush plasma
Disease undying

Your palm misprint readings suggest
Offloading will to predictive text
The stars compel you to seek
An ancient buried river carrying fossil water
Foretold by autocorrect

Your nude face with active contour modelling
Oozes snakes in every crevice of polyhedral space
Though you have fooled the computer vision
Into recognizing you as a toilet
Egomotion will ensure you are always made to feel seen

Your job is to infuse contextual meaning
Into artworks made by paint on an electric toothbrush
Into nightmares dreamt unto liquid crystal by algorithms
Into your own words retranslated from a different language by software
Into this trivial poem