Generally regarded as safe

We can say with some degree of certainty
That our proprietary composite
Of milked venom and combed honey
Created in theory using computational models
Simulated only in nuclear reactor failure environments
Featured in artist renderings of congealed clot custards
Is now edible enough
To obviate all other “food”
You’re welcome


Synthetic tract

The look back from lids locked heavy
Skid stop slack before won player ready
Sweaty blood loop spins
Enthused with age old scooped refuse bins
Skins excuse humans
Just another way to infuse
glued viewers to tubes with more lumens
Exhume threads sewn
Suture seams, expect growth
By the throat, promise final episode
Last remembering member croaks,
with new shoots on terminating node

Anchor on oil spill

On the tyre swings under the desiccated trees
Where I first rammed with subterfuge
The lies I told to steal free drinks
Arrows fused with lumbar sections
Spread like exposed rebar fanning
Drinks mix with concrete & spinal fluid
As I bend down to pick up the pieces
And there is no way back to grace


Build the world with a few spare tunnels
Milled, sheared to bear eddies of credit funneled
Secrete concrete on streets, dung jets heartbeat
Flogged trees, sorry, too late now to stop bleeds
Metal shutters strut together, cut ribbon to gutters
Cylinders to fill in dirt, burial fit for fuckers
Ration the poison, foist upon those remaining buoyant
Now that its scientific, flush it down the toilet