6 million ways to have an out

A listicle subsidised enterprise where one enters and at least 7 reasons listed to die
The CEO’s slice pies with murder weapon assuming it will be never their turn to reckon with a general strike
So take a ticket too or take a hike, pay grade on scale scooped from tips on likes, shares, and ad eyes
Even d├ętournement becomes front page ornament, a self aware torment prized beyond permanent content for portals to contrive

Critique it for being too shallow promising the authors gallows with more lined arrows than rambo had ammo
Screech halt when invited to inner alcove of narcs to be part of a new niche for you to carve up, plateau
Corpses sparkle, rechristened, reborn, the natural arc of a confidence artist writ large in arcane markup tampered
Be the change ex post facto, gone from wanting to ban pack smokes to bankrolling glossy faces with throat open on posters selling tobacco

The headstone is a revolving door, can’t bequest throne to workers if owned by corporations squatting homes, keeping score
An inside job to a freelance, with a part time chore of judge and jury at the court
One foot in the trenches decomposed, adorned with ironclad contracts to burst through domes unlobed
You slow-poke! What you spoke skewers the yoke rope in embers of dismembered coal smoke, so choose the final offer: undisclosed zero sum or location undisclosed


Generally regarded as safe

We can say with some degree of certainty
That our proprietary composite
Of milked venom and combed honey
Created in theory using computational models
Simulated only in nuclear reactor failure environments
Featured in artist renderings of congealed clot custards
Is now edible enough
To obviate all other “food”
You’re welcome

Declassified semiosis

We can all now know
Why the:
colour remaining distinct under all colour rendering index conditions,
matte finish,
surge of electric excitement when touching it,
All make me want to eat
a bag of manure
which looks good on the outside

And now
i’m allowed this deciphered divination
To own the means to sell myself
In the exact same form I was sold

New coat

Proposition shitty, bits prospector got to spit on those who live in city
Bugle of progress, watchdogs sniff bomb threats, legalize sale of kidneys
Panopticon with new conventions, sang all the songs with no intention, duplicitous ditty
No skin off your back, my kin stock all slack, filial fealty subcommittee
New peel off face mask, spew reels of taped grafts, deforested austerity