As I recall

You remember when
We used to talk about
Similarities between beer froth
and bioreactor contamination
And now this reminds me
of that reminder

You remember when
We used to talk about
A reference to a reference
and ways in which things connect
And now I forget
what this is reminds me of

I remember when
I used to talk about
Other things with other people
and they were not formless gusts of rushing blood
And now I remember
flickering fingers trying to catch vapour



For there are still new worlds left to conquer
The mountain can’t sustain my britches
Bound by benzene ring vows
The ocean floors will be bone dry

Flags take root on plastic isles
Metamaterials exhumed as fossils
Packed full of moist, handmade goodness
Beached whales evolve to live off the land