Reality miner

One thing you must know about me
Is that my brand is that I’m extremely product
And I love that I get to have
This choice
I arrived here all by myself
Because when I see
An unsleeved, plain can of tomatoes in a shop
which throws away more than it sells
I see myself in a hellish dystopic nightmare vision
Where nothing remains to be sold
So nobody knows what to buy


Remorse’s buyer

You must break it before you buy it
What good’s remorse to a “buy the lot” psychic
A side gig, drone camera selfies from swarms the skies are rife with
The exact right fit, know you better as person than any person who tried it
So rifle the box expedited, with head to rifle,
lie you like it, make sure nobody thinks you tried shit
It’s a miracle! Just what you wanted! As the reign tightens
Whiplash cashback stashed in a bank’s ass
A new drone steering wheel to control excitement
New governors to traffic the license with no return policy on siphons
Dry spends, no stipends, likened to hand sleightning
You must break it and buy it
Purchase or else take what fate spells: beyond the grave retirement