Stochastic risk

We are going to add up
All possible ratios
Of all absorbed doses
Through all parts of your body
Inside and out
To create opaque plastics
Dripping with soft grip materials
In all colours of the black rainbow
With only a button
To be allowed the privilege of purchase
A new geiger counter
To replace the one which still works
Licensed only for home and office use
An essential part
Of an executor’s lifestyle
For sale now
Only 5 MegaSievert credits!
Pre-order yours today



Prove your identity
Don’t? then make dead ends meet
Stampedes of stamps bleed
Reverse your entry steed
6 feet deep lede
With no talk of walkbacks
You can see the whole sentence recede
No easy feat
As half of halved lives turn to debris
Certainly the country is free
The prosper machine runs while it bleeds
Foots crushed with speed
Winds rise from antecedent centipedes
A glass box turned back to rare earth peat
Ionizing radiation required to unlock phone securely