Staggered obituary

Global aquifer turned into local mall water fountain
Cracked open like eggs of nuclear waste from nevada mountains
What’s the signature? Natural pigments of spoilt lignin and ligature
Stuffed back into doll fabric with gall to call self the king of whatever we build cities for

Read what is written in wide words
Never question intentions, give benefit of belief suspension to divine slurs
Spoken word made material, no one knows what this exercise will be achieving here
Comedian in morose obsidian medium wondering why the laughs aren’t more immediate

Here lies the poet
Writing to low rent loaned ego which owes debts
Began as excuse to prove
its possible to write in a regular groove
for those who want to be confused by the espoused views
Ends back at the loop with objectives torn loose, dead, of no use, no more juice, abruptly concludes


6 million ways to have an out

A listicle subsidised enterprise where one enters and at least 7 reasons listed to die
The CEO’s slice pies with murder weapon assuming it will be never their turn to reckon with a general strike
So take a ticket too or take a hike, pay grade on scale scooped from tips on likes, shares, and ad eyes
Even détournement becomes front page ornament, a self aware torment prized beyond permanent content for portals to contrive

Critique it for being too shallow promising the authors gallows with more lined arrows than rambo had ammo
Screech halt when invited to inner alcove of narcs to be part of a new niche for you to carve up, plateau
Corpses sparkle, rechristened, reborn, the natural arc of a confidence artist writ large in arcane markup tampered
Be the change ex post facto, gone from wanting to ban pack smokes to bankrolling glossy faces with throat open on posters selling tobacco

The headstone is a revolving door, can’t bequest throne to workers if owned by corporations squatting homes, keeping score
An inside job to a freelance, with a part time chore of judge and jury at the court
One foot in the trenches decomposed, adorned with ironclad contracts to burst through domes unlobed
You slow-poke! What you spoke skewers the yoke rope in embers of dismembered coal smoke, so choose the final offer: undisclosed zero sum or location undisclosed


Crack team of blockhead automatons with batons to crack back heads
While we all “survive” being the last et al hiding in closed brackets

Possibility space vice grip trash compactor, those with no fault go “oh lord, silly me!”
Filigree of bigotry aesthetically, structurally, experts will agree was as it was meant to be

Choir says I’m preachy, why rattle through imaginary battles when for us things remain peachy really
So I breach the forgone conclusion reached and beseech the preachers to simplify the denominator, me


Passed off as litany, the printed mint rinsed off to syncope
A symphony unto sinkholes, some shit decreed as jpegs of “it me”
Punishment for crimes that befit me, objects as people as distinct entities
It doesn’t matter for any thing to cede, all matter fused into single being

Alienation is highly relatable, gotta say, uncanny resemblance unmistakable
Initiate a data cull, start with baseline of how relatable it is to inflate a skull
Null hypothesis sliding scalable, capitalism so late that freights of schemes form spates so erasable
You and I, forever unbreakable, pliant, placated, down this tapered hole until we learn to play our role

Your turn to suffer

Temper your foretaste
While you now enjoy more paste on plates which store waste
Ignore labels and signs, especially best before date
All purported benefits scored, accorded, theoretical, lore based
Stores cased, canvassed, well spaced, with sliding scale rates
All good though since its across states
whose incarcerate gates, domes, blockades, keep out the appellate

Siphon the trenches
The war sludge foams unattended
Whichever boot you choose to smooch will be duly scented
I did it, I meant it, around it my world is oriented
When formality suspended, I’m still offended at the lack of pretending
Step on structures deconstructed, overextend to project myth ascendant,
new coat with pendant penned in, deadened penchant to huff exhaust from engines

Stop your opposition
Same old sob story which only envisions elysian fiction
Only point of existence: to worsen the quickness of permissible sickness
Risen chests drink fumes of acid boiled thalidomide mulch soil shit mix
α rays ingested, flesh liquid, better for us to live with, follow regiment with strictness
Take your shots, hit the point, miss it, lives unto business,
pin pricks to verify vendors to exchange IV drips with


Just because you live through it doesn’t heal the wounds
Consume poisoned runes sitting watching the news
For a person who gets all views directly from polls of pew
Still under delusion which eschews clues into conclusions
which state false truisms to tune of: “all matter only splits into two”
Only takes words few for trust to renew
New doses of poison on spoon to consume,
think it’s fair to assume that this is what makes you immune

Serrated graft

You think of all the good to come
A machine-nerve limb flow chart automaton
Created in cleanrooms with no profit motive
Doesn’t matter what or how much you owed them

I think of all the good to come
My 5th phantom limb trained to make the trademark face book thumbs up
Created by blades for treating “Feed yourself™ mutation syndrome”
Vanillin smelling plastic flavoured surgery suction discard to drink from