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Gibberish titles, unintelligible no easy understanding deliver wish
All words describe, vie for, brain infestation of silverfish
Every thought created, hardened hard transsubstantiated blister stiff
A patchwork of spacey bullshit, paced loose, neither bliss nor wit

Objects oriented scattershot, fabricated in orders which matter not
Desire of author’s spot, a crackpot crock of shit, just make sure platters hot
Enough head pets or patter of hands on grey matter drop to couch claims to let flatter not
Yet all things being same, the pen drips on frame, the gambler’s plot

This one is underground too, as deep shit needs to be buried
What I mean is blurry, blurted with no schemes, gust hurried
Scooped stream of stool soup slurry, slurred with extreme routine occurrance
Concerning, while world burning, the shit I am serving, deathly certain


Bespoke fabrication

Stoop so low it’d make your head dirt
Face palms or for tread worse, hearse
Occult curses, recursive structures curt
Cultured furtive inserts of spur hurts

Bow so hard it’d make your spine clump
Head bumps or dumped hair bunched on eardrum
Hear some, pump turns of strung strums to visible spectrum
Speck crumbs hum, become one, burn, dump, bulk angstroms

Reach so high it’d make all things the same as each other
Gluons decay, stutter so all that’s solid melts into smoky butter
Turn into your father, mother, fraternity of oath fuckers, a sucker for suffer
Buffer of stuffed matter unstucker, flutter of luck, muck flatterer, skin slurry shit stirrer

Bone ash flare

An ad for hell, well I need to soon price inquire
Paths paved this swell, knells deep, consume lies entire
Vat brains teach you, flag thought trains to reach through
Each track-mane-twist-screw, brag bought gains by breach accrued
Free range caged student, see deranged saint’s elated canes subdue them
Decree staged rage in truants, intrigue framed snake’s belated change to human

Clot nibbed pen

Look at everything through piss tinted glasses
Wheeze past molasses as fastened hearts harden
Grass gardens sheathe peeps seeking pardon
A sardonic yard, sparse dens, inmates carded,
Parted margins guarded, sharpening pen warden bargains
Guarded bars in yellow, fits, starts and bellows
Repel those who smell foul dealt throws in well forced velcro
Skin belt for gist that present source yet meagre misspelt close
Smelt rust shell cores On ground that when felt bore,
Emits immense snore, “Fill in the blank ore, or suffer a spent score”

Particle bombed skeleton

I am a changed person, disbursed of purse concerns and content with the wind change of the coal burn
Taciturn are the returns which hold history’s urn entombed in earth deferred
No matter who the king is, sing praises of waists deep in red glazed blazes
The clay apex traipsed tasteless to cater basal waste whim as the red tape laces
Inside boundary, crowns design wound wounds from downed runes to ultrasound fumes
Scab injury grounds to resign or a sign of profound rue, instead unbound accrual
Frankenstein’s man cave, the hand that fanned graves teleconferences conclaves
Conch raves, a body of stark arches and horse trains, a last grenade reinforced upgrade

Canned response

The tired hand retires in trained poses produced entire down to the wire
All actions in service of, pacts, 6 packs, shelving racks, pavlovian thirst desire
Best lathed plans fanned belaboured while brand chelators demand agitators on fire
Lizard brain scan fissures plane grade canister of fizzy pressure of mortal choir

Make art of genies if you bottle them, cakewalk, meanies’ necks throttle on bubbles while we call it phlegm
Neck deep in sugar debt, weeping makes the pushers thirst for formulae to new cigarette stems
Blackening gullet gulp slackening lung gut shortcut to the above sea hunchback bends
First step to amends annihilation, thirst abet ooze lends an aisle silo dilation that rends what it condemns

Charcandy rash

The sickness is within you, pick mess behest your sins do
It is true, you must best more than few beasts that sting you
Let dry heat drops wring you of grins from skin glue that flu inklings drew
What does that bring you? Salmonella pink brew, the shit from it grew
Ozone igloo, stem brain signal, mouthful meningeal bin stew

I am within the sickness, skin deep vantablack lipsticked pig mess
Sebaceous tears expulsion, benzene sweat emulsions, when mixed fluoresce
Skin liquid crystals titers, viral loads get lighter, mists possess
What do I bring us? Foxholes with lost crew, brain-heart shampoo, exist depressed
Sunscreen tumour balm, bloodletting via blood brain barrier, your mass grave snake-pit largesse