Bone ash flare

An ad for hell, well I need to soon price inquire
Paths paved this swell, knells deep, consume lies entire
Vat brains teach you, flag thought trains to reach through
Each track-mane-twist-screw, brag bought gains by breach accrued
Free range caged student, see deranged saint’s elated canes subdue them
Decree staged rage in truants, intrigue framed snake’s belated change to human


Clot nibbed pen

Look at everything through piss tinted glasses
Wheeze past molasses as fastened hearts harden
Grass gardens sheathe peeps seeking pardon
A sardonic yard, sparse dens, inmates carded,
Parted margins guarded, sharpening pen warden bargains
Guarded bars in yellow, fits, starts and bellows
Repel those who smell foul dealt throws in well forced velcro
Skin belt for gist that present source yet meagre misspelt close
Smelt rust shell cores On ground that when felt bore,
Emits immense snore, “Fill in the blank ore, or suffer a spent score”


Only the best for our future
No expenses will be spared
Uniform turns into a suture
Into the coffin plaque please stare

Wood from pencil, new support beams
Don’t mind square holes milled round
The walls with arrows skyward aiming
Stuck in position deep underground

Breach walls of fortress willfully
The wardens promise freedom in due course
They call you deadwood refusing kindling
Merely fit for lining your own corpse


It screams unfinished, but they call it work in progress
Clogged crests, called contest, for tests to attest some but flog rest
Bare claw grips on the maws of the oil pressed cogs’ wrest
Call old bogs fresh after promises of fresh swamps seem hard gets

Strands of rebar stick out, planned wings debarred, rote deep scars
Leaky roof so see stars, be warned of dreams that seep the weeping leaps to sleep starved
Steep curve of learning, peep brick bars to sneak past the future wring, squeeze, carve
Gates guarding gut lined with gunny bags marked books oozing with a sheep corpse tarred

It fosters its own barter, just announce us as the on-site sponsor
Guaranteed jobs offered after the dollar conjures offshore yonder
Cement them, bolster preponderance of garnished wages via 50 sorts of cancer
When schooled, trickle down response of “potential squandered” as double entendre


Wait for the signal
The signs will cordon the flow
Information will be crafted pre-staggered
“Need to know” will shed skins as ages progress
You will accommodate the cast as how we smelt you

The legwork of what was
Impel you to follow fossil footsteps
You will be afforded better grip in the mulch
Enriched by brackish flesh and ghastly familial sabotage
You will call that plot home, where all that will grow is poison

The pale form of the goal will cajole you
And you will corroborate the collective hallucination
You will be told to habitually embellish to appease the vision
You will encounter unfinished crossroads fashioned by previous traffic
When told to hatch a new cross section of your own, you will but merely pass