Splice medley

You can see it so clearly
Retinal rear projection for appraisal of avant-garde advertisement
For which the eyelid shutter is insufficient
24×7 lo-fi hip-hop chill nostalgic ads to do tax to

I can see it so clearly
Miniature microwave gun emits unseen waveforms to force me to me see
Congealing vitreous humour almost ready to pop like emission spectra
Remember, its all about the optics


Another pile

The homes you give me, incomes dispose dispositions positively
Dead pixels show coal, barrels roll to shift trash swiftly
From one container to another, find a way for plastic to smother
Dive in two bedroom dumpster, those who produce it seldom suffer
Biodegradable? Mobile dirigible heading where high hopes incapable
Regard self irreplaceable, no water potable, blame generational
Oil spill on pacific trash heap, upkeep cost should finance cheap
Fund for more flash sweeps, step up the cash steeps, above smog-ash-acid leap
Effects outlast line of product, compost composite pleather wallet