Stochastic risk

We are going to add up
All possible ratios
Of all absorbed doses
Through all parts of your body
Inside and out
To create opaque plastics
Dripping with soft grip materials
In all colours of the black rainbow
With only a button
To be allowed the privilege of purchase
A new geiger counter
To replace the one which still works
Licensed only for home and office use
An essential part
Of an executor’s lifestyle
For sale now
Only 5 MegaSievert credits!
Pre-order yours today


Passed off as litany, the printed mint rinsed off to syncope
A symphony unto sinkholes, some shit decreed as jpegs of “it me”
Punishment for crimes that befit me, objects as people as distinct entities
It doesn’t matter for any thing to cede, all matter fused into single being

Alienation is highly relatable, gotta say, uncanny resemblance unmistakable
Initiate a data cull, start with baseline of how relatable it is to inflate a skull
Null hypothesis sliding scalable, capitalism so late that freights of schemes form spates so erasable
You and I, forever unbreakable, pliant, placated, down this tapered hole until we learn to play our role

The 10^65th annual orbital witness show

We have to
Be brave
So that they can watch us
Being brave
The last remaining culture
On a petri plate of shit
Singing and dancing
A trade for diamond rains
Which paint brains
In pantone swatch radioactivity
For the observer
To maybe catch a glimpse this year
On the great x-ray plate in the fabled sky
Through the thick concrete clouds
With no ozone holes
Crop circles through steel bordered nations
Filled with ayurvedic uranium
All of this
For your consideration