Just because you live through it doesn’t heal the wounds
Consume poisoned runes sitting watching the news
For a person who gets all views directly from polls of pew
Still under delusion which eschews clues into conclusions
which state false truisms to tune of: “all matter only splits into two”
Only takes words few for trust to renew
New doses of poison on spoon to consume,
think it’s fair to assume that this is what makes you immune



Post pollution, the only coast left after eluent dropped from solution
Its crucial to help things on their way to reactionary conclusion
Amidst confusion from those who clue in
the rook who keeps the firing pin just glued in
Hope its worth the confusion to birth this illusion
through earth struck with fusion and water with diffused tin
This ones a shoo-in, always has been since beginning after and during
Enfant terrible corps newly on tour high on rads they’re storing
New shells bore like seeds birthing burst fire to parents adoring
Glow glares souls in, all cells start forking to voids they can morph in
Coup crux plan, annexthetize, call it homeland and just waltz in


Throughout my life
The main fear among many
Was that I
Would lose control
And that my brain
Would be too far gone
To even recognize this
That fear still exists
As does my life
Yet this admission
Out loud
Only becomes a flaw
Vinegar for exploits
A wound ripe for picking
By those who want me
To bank up goodwill
To cash in
With gratitude
When all of this
Becomes routine enough
To survive me
And my fear