Stochastic risk

We are going to add up
All possible ratios
Of all absorbed doses
Through all parts of your body
Inside and out
To create opaque plastics
Dripping with soft grip materials
In all colours of the black rainbow
With only a button
To be allowed the privilege of purchase
A new geiger counter
To replace the one which still works
Licensed only for home and office use
An essential part
Of an executor’s lifestyle
For sale now
Only 5 MegaSievert credits!
Pre-order yours today


Single origin

Plucked clean
Of all ethics
By forces
Pitching the “uber, but for labour pool”
All unions replaced with
High sheen brochures
So eyes gloss over it
And a new myth is recycled
All the food you can eat
Guilt free
Derived of cold hard flesh
From the buttocks of,
the molecules of,
life itself

Canned response

The tired hand retires in trained poses produced entire down to the wire
All actions in service of, pacts, 6 packs, shelving racks, pavlovian thirst desire
Best lathed plans fanned belaboured while brand chelators demand agitators on fire
Lizard brain scan fissures plane grade canister of fizzy pressure of mortal choir

Make art of genies if you bottle them, cakewalk, meanies’ necks throttle on bubbles while we call it phlegm
Neck deep in sugar debt, weeping makes the pushers thirst for formulae to new cigarette stems
Blackening gullet gulp slackening lung gut shortcut to the above sea hunchback bends
First step to amends annihilation, thirst abet ooze lends an aisle silo dilation that rends what it condemns

Charcandy rash

The sickness is within you, pick mess behest your sins do
It is true, you must best more than few beasts that sting you
Let dry heat drops wring you of grins from skin glue that flu inklings drew
What does that bring you? Salmonella pink brew, the shit from it grew
Ozone igloo, stem brain signal, mouthful meningeal bin stew

I am within the sickness, skin deep vantablack lipsticked pig mess
Sebaceous tears expulsion, benzene sweat emulsions, when mixed fluoresce
Skin liquid crystals titers, viral loads get lighter, mists possess
What do I bring us? Foxholes with lost crew, brain-heart shampoo, exist depressed
Sunscreen tumour balm, bloodletting via blood brain barrier, your mass grave snake-pit largesse


Closed quarters, it’s cordoned off from prying eyes
First one to reduce to ash, no residue, first prize
Hey, it’s your funeral, but you’re no longer invited
Pilot light seared corpse, clean fuel for head corps, ignited

Prop up the dead as props to be hung if still bled
Every breath accounted for, cost benefit against process sped
Let enough heat fester to foster more killing
Side by side, tell how it’s more efficient than offshore drilling

Each stick, stone, skull, adhesive of centrifuged meat slime
Hold walls of water, in less than projected turnaround time
Set up domes to claim, launder dead remains recycled by nature
Don’t matter if it don’t hold water, now sealed by state legislature