Complicit catharsis

How original
All of us, looking up
At the same cathode ray tube
In the sky
Watching the same things
In shame, alone, distinct
Awaiting the devastating absolution
Of finding someone else
Who celebrates the same memory of fiction
But doesn’t carry the same guilt
Of having liked it once
The string of distancing time
With leather heave rasp
Ready to snap in backlash



New custom firmware
To bypass oppressive subroutines
The ceremonial vape
Omega ohm
Biologically derived reservoirs
Burnt warranty seal
Plumes of piss smog
My industrial vape chimney
Is somehow radical practice
Till batteries blow blimp-like
And the ritual is complete


Just because you live through it doesn’t heal the wounds
Consume poisoned runes sitting watching the news
For a person who gets all views directly from polls of pew
Still under delusion which eschews clues into conclusions
which state false truisms to tune of: “all matter only splits into two”
Only takes words few for trust to renew
New doses of poison on spoon to consume,
think it’s fair to assume that this is what makes you immune

Anchor on oil spill

On the tyre swings under the desiccated trees
Where I first rammed with subterfuge
The lies I told to steal free drinks
Arrows fused with lumbar sections
Spread like exposed rebar fanning
Drinks mix with concrete & spinal fluid
As I bend down to pick up the pieces
And there is no way back to grace

Palliative autophagy

Throne carbon copy plopped on revolving shifting plates
Allergen crown of bioengineered straw already accepted
Wall slathered with mix of trade crop, bank bonds, shit & blood
Too bad no one is here to greet the non-existent
A pity no one will be either, apart from the spectre
Pump hot air into rubber tubes, make it whole anew
The infographic of growing stocks will feed the earth
And the earth will vomit out gross domestic product
At least that’s what no one predicts has and will happen
A logo ozone printed in the yellowed old paged sky
“Indofuturism is electrified bullock cart”
Nobody has said this ever, but there it goes

Zone of inhibition

All I dream of, a house in the middle of nowhere
Away from all the hustle and bustle of existing
Flavour blasted with exotic radiation from the cosmos
With no other soul around to shoulder the burden
Just a single cable solution for all creature comforts
An invisible electrified fence at a comfortable radius
Nothing unseemly or gauche as a “wall” or “border”
Just a humane way to create a crop circle of pavement
Where nobody is allowed entry, barring what they create
Eco-friendly, sustainable glass house impenetrable by stone
It is all I dream of, the protagonist of my upscale island
The safe touch of the electric dome with lowered amperage
Faces peering at me through the opaque copper sky asperitas
Their features repeat xeroxed memories with compounding glitches
Electric rope lashes, static video screen commandments
Tyre tracks recalled as those on the surface of mars
Sped-up flickering colour ridden shapes undulate into each other
Until it is no longer shapes, but just movement itself
Waving hands at the edge of electric dome to nothing at all
To the dream which no longer can be caught into nebulousness


Dream logic, pedigree pedagogic, gouge eyes and wallet as you saw fit
Talk shop or sod it, it will cost to get you store fit, you’re free to forfeit
bank notes or floated votes promising bearer profit regardless who lose endorsements
Chart the course and cross it, aftermarket MOSFETs make up for losses
Yaws tilt, unhinge jaw to scarf shit that boss will garnish, sauce piss
Hear it near death, lost will, hissing abyssal dismissal of lost business
Amid stress to receive less, grow more listless, believe that it is best
Slashed prices & tires, grist wrists whats deemed apt, if its more than he nets